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Whether you need assistance troubleshooting your home computer or managing the more complex components of your businesses network, Professional Geek Services is your solution. Our staff will perform an analysis of the issues and provide you with a solution to your problem.

Server Installation

Information Technology Services

Enhance your businesses productivity with our network design, disaster recovery, antivirus and preventive maintenance solutions or any other aspect of your local and wide area network.

Hardware Upgrade Services

Technology seems to change so fast and buying a new computer is not always the most cost effective solution. Professional Geek Services offers a one-stop solution for all of your on-site installation and computer upgrade needs. Sometimes performing simple upgrades like adding memory, a new hard disk drive, or even a new video adapter may be all you need to bring new life to your old PC.

Software Update Services

With software changing more often than hardware, it needs to be updated in order to keep up with security and compatibility issues. The problem is determining what updates to install, how to install them and more importantly what other issues may be caused by an update. We take the guess work out of updating your system by ensuring your system is secure and running at its’ full potential.

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In-Home Computer Services

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In-Home Computer Repair Services Only $59.99 per hour

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Business Computer Services

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On-Site Repair

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Business Computer Support Only $119.99 per hour

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